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Another batch of Ladybird books has arrived at Weir HQ and I don’t think I’ve ever added a finer selection to the number that I already own.

Thanks to a colleague’s local auction house I am now the owner of a number of 1st edition Ladybirds resplendent in pristine matching dust jackets. Admittedly they’re some of my most expensively purchased examples of Wills & Hepworth Ltd’s work but I’m told you can’t take it with you so hang the expense eh. Over the years I’ve tended not to worry too much about the physical state of the acquisitions I’ve gained, in fact I usually enjoy finding the name of the previous owner inscribed on the inside of the front cover because it does show that at some point in the book’s life it’s been used as originally intended, however these new ones are something else.

BLOG - LbirdI

Also included in this latest number was a beautfiully kept copy of ‘The Ladybird Book of Trees’, written by Brian Vesey-Fitzgerald and illustrated by Stanley Roy Badmin who I was rambling on about just the other day.

2 Responses to “Ladybird Ladybird”

  1. An interesting post Daniel. Is there a list somewhere online of the Ladybird books you are still seeking?

    • How odd Karyn – have only just found your comment – it was hidden away in the spam folder – sorry about that ! I don’t have a list of books I’m still, probably should, I think it’s probably because I have many more to get ! DWx

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