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I sometimes wonder whether I have too much time on my hands then somebody or something on the darkest fringes of the internet suggests to me that I have no time at all. Stopped Clocks is a blog / website (I’m not sure which really, and these days does it matter ?) dedicated to recording […]

I no longer go to school (although as each day passes the need to return increases) and no one in my house does either so I don’t know if the above is an unusual sight (or not) at a school near you ? Whichever it is I think it’s great. The school in question was […]

Any Ideas ?


People At Work


        A good day on the Ladybird book front a dull one on the work one, I look forward to “‘People at Work’ The Salesman (in a mid range paper supply company)”.

I love the BBC in many different ways – very occasionally they let me down but their negatives are enormously outweighed by the positives.  A new project that they’ve recently embarked on is The Box. Essentially they’re going to follow a BBC News branded shipping container for a year to see what happens and in […]

Sunday Follows


And the weekend finished entirely free of football. In fact Sunday was another day out and about as it was the “Heritage Buildings Open Day“. So in chronological order (because it’s important to keep things neat and tidy eh) we visited : (01) The Masonic Temple buried deep within the somewhat shabby surroundings of The […]

The weekend started full of football. Beginning with the first game of the season in the Under 10s League my nephew featured on the winning team beating their opposition more comfortably than the 2-0 result suggested. We then went home to watch Manchester United lose to Liverpool on TV and finished the day at King’s […]

Hold You Hard


Good to see that the Norfolk dialect is alive and well.

Whilst the lady of the house was out watching a certain North London team start their season (albeit a little late), I decided to venture to Collector’s World – a “fascinating and unique experience”,  and perhaps more importantly only a few miles from home. As soon as I had arrived I realised that I’d made […]