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Say Cheese


I do like a bit of photography me. However despite my best efforts I’ve never become more than, at best, a competent point and shoot protagonist. I like to kid myself that I could do better were it not for the fact that I have a limited patience when it comes to capturing an image, […]

Three years seems an inordinate time to have kept this up however as it continues to be enjoyable to do I’ll head onwards to year number four – feel free to continue to join me.

A week ago I’d just returned from a day at the seaside, Great Yarmouth in fact. If you’ve not been I suggest you make right that wrong.  

Having come back from the delights of Devon a couple of weeks ago I’ve been digging around the darker recesses of the interweb trying to fill some of the many gaps in my knowledge – and yes I know that’s a hopelessly lost cause but you have to try eh ? The main gap in […]

As ever there’s just so much great stuff going on out there – and as ever a lot of it, like this, comes via Joe Moran’s blog which rarely fails to raise interest. Pam Flett Press is, (and I’ll quote here because there’s obviously been quite some thought gone into these words), a “new independent […]

Whilst holidaying in Devon recently I picked up a number of Eye Spy books, with this title, ‘On The Road’, being my favourite. Unfortunately since purchasing the book I’m still undecided on my ‘My Most Unusual Road’ and have yet to find anywhere selling peacocks.