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Following on from the post the other day and the information from @SarkyType I happened to pick up a copy of wonderful Penguin Car Handbook, deigned by Erwin Fabian.

Found out about this initially from Russell Davies over on his blog and then yesterday James Bridle wrote about it in The Observer, so I don’t think I need to add my recommendation to the discussions, however I’m going to. Fish is an application for the iPhone and it’s not like anything else I’ve come […]

I picked up a copy of the Penguin Guide for Kent, Sussex & Surrey whilst digging around the charity shops of Cambridge recently. It’s a revised edition printed in 1947, originally published in 1939, which aims “to draw the attention of readers to some of the chief features of interest and beauty in the district it […]

I seem to be returning to subjects a lot at the moment, which is a good thing and one I’ll in turn come back to at some point. Today it’s the Edgelands, courtesy of the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. Almost a year ago I finished a post by saying : It’s, (to me), a fascinating […]

Out here in the sticks we don’t get exposed to quite the same level of cultural activity as those of you in the wild and frightening conurbations I read so much about in the papers. In fact thanks to the decisions of the great and good the low level we are exposed to was almost extinguished entirely last year […]