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I don’t remember the View-Master ever making an appearance on any of those ‘100 Greatest Toys’ programmes that seem to do the rounds when money (and ideas) are lacking, which is a shame because I was much taken with it as a child and I have to say I’m probably equally as entranced now that […]

  The London trip brought fresh opportunities to add to the Penguin collection, although this time new examples rather than those with a previous life elsewhere. The first, ‘Roy Lichtenstein – How Modern Art Was Saved By Donald Duck’ by Alastair Sooke, I found on our visit to the Tate Modern, (presumably in advance of […]

In The City


  A trip to London, England to celebrate the occurrence of Mrs Weir’s 40th birthday, and other than the inauspicious efforts of a collection of gentleman from the North of the city, it did us proud.     One unexpected highlight of the visit to the capital was a darkened room at the Tate Modern […]

The above text comes from Mark Steel’s obituary for Linda Smith that appeared in The Independent back in 2006. At the time I was working on the self same assembly line for Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs and as result photocopied this and stuck it to my desk. Now that I am no longer in […]

In this instance the question is being asked by the Museum of Modern Art in New York City in the first of a series of publications which “comprehensively introduce us to the various phases of modern art”. Perhaps unsurprisingly the examples of buildings featured within derive mainly from the US, I suppose Europe had other […]