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Many years ago I made a decision that I’ve never regretted, not for a moment. It would have been nice in the subsequent years to have made another but one is more than enough. And as I’m not nearly as poetic as I’d like to be I’ll toast that decision with some words from the […]

The Puffin Club


Another trip to the North. Although in deference to Mrs Weir we also managed a short overseas jaunt. We’ve sat and admired the Farne Islands on previous visits to Northumberland however have never got around to actually visiting them so given the largely clement weather we thought we’d remedy that. And as you can see […]

Whilst sorting through box #237 of the Weir archive I came across this entertaining little booklet published by the Peterborough Development Corporation in March 1983, just over a year from when the Queensgate Shopping Centre was officially opened by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, (no I’ve no idea either).

Was stuck somewhere I would rather have not been earlier in the week, the upside was that I got to catch up on some reading – including the latest issue of When Saturday Comes. Highlight of the current issue was a wonderful match report from Taylor Parkes with just the loveliest final paragraph I’ve read in a good […]