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Treasure Trove


I was enormously pleased to hear that The Detectorists was going to make a return just after the first series finished, and the first episode of the second confirmed that I was right to be pleased. Returning in very good health it continues where it left off (albeit with the passing of a certain amount […]

I do love a pier. In fact I have to be honest and say that a holiday without a visit to a least one of Britain’s remaining piers never really feels like a holiday. I managed to miss outlining details of our recent expedition back to the “the finest seaside resort in Western Europe”, and in fact […]

Last week Mrs Weir and I spent some time away from home relaxing on the high seas. Spending time with the Chief Financial Officer is always a delight, however a week resting and recuperating has resulted in the arrival of the first common cold of the season, to which I have all too easily succumbed. […]