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My concentration is shot to bits at the moment so I’ve been wandering around the world wide web today and have come across Josie Long’s 100 days project via mondo a-go-go’s blog. To quote from the website : “From 1 December 2009, Josie Long cordially invites you to pledge to do one thing every day for 100 […]

Today is my birthday – I’m thirty nine years of age and struggling to embrace my first day on the road to forty. Yes I’m feeling sorry for myself (see earlier entries) and yes I know I shouldn’t be, but still . . . Thankfully I feel a little less alien in the world thanks […]

Not Up


A combination of a lack of sunshine and Holly’s poor health means that I’m packing all this in for a while – blogging, tweeting, facebooking etc. Being positive when I’m feeling so down down down is difficult, so I’m off for a bit and will maybe see you soon.

Less Wonky


Disappointingly I’m now having to call time on my second attempt at a 365 project (in fact I’ve been running with two of them concurrently here and here). My first attempt failed due to my computer chomping on a whole batch of photos and thus stopping the flow in it’s tracks, whereas the only recently […]

I always loved the ‘Keep Calm And Carry On’ poster since I noticed in on display at Barter Books in Northumberland (my favourite book shop in the UK – I’m sure I’ve rambled on about it before on here) despite the fact that it’s been slowly and steadily abused by a whole host of unimaginative […]



For many years I worked for Her Majesty’s Civil Service. Somewhat by choice but to be honest mostly out of an almost chronic lack of ambition and to be really really honest because Texas Homecare turned me down. Anyway life in the Civil Service was interminably dull (even for someone with said lack of ambition) […]

Attempting to apply the brake.

I’ve been waiting to post this for a while now because it may be appearing elsewhere on the internet, however as a couple of people have asked me about my visit I thought I’d put it here at digyourfins for the moment as well. If it does appear elsewhere I’ll be sure to say . […]