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I do like a plaque. Whilst the lady of the house does her bit helping to attempt restore the standing of our failing economy I prefer to wander the streets trying to keep out of trouble. Whilst I wander I do like to look out for evidence of previous inhabitants and am constantly surprised by […]

Dear Jonny


January has been a bit of a wash out. To be fair it doesn’t have the easiest of tasks but boy this year it’s really been making very little effort. Highlights have been few and far between, however the new collaboration between Norman Blake and Euros Childs, under the name of Jonny, has been a […]

The picture above is of me and my grandmother Mary, and was taken in Norwich, (I think), sometime in the early seventies. Sadly she died on the second day of this year. It’s her funeral today and the reason I’ve not made an appearance here since New Year’s Eve is that it fell to me […]