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A Modern Utopia


Am enjoying Dennis Kelly’s new series Utopia on Channel 4, if nothing else it occasionally looks rather lovely. Almost as if it’s been shot entirely through some kind of fancy Instagram filter.

Pigs In Space


I have to admit I don’t listen to a great deal on BBC Radio 3 however the little I do catch is usually very good indeed. One programme I try and keep up with is the excellent Between the Ears, which styles itself rather vaguely as “innovative and thought-provoking features on a wide variety of […]

I’ve not come across any examples of Penguin’s Illustrated Classics before now so I was pleased to pick up a copy of Walden by Henry David Thoreau. It’s beautifully illustrated with wood engravings by Ethelbert White which were, rather sadly, the last engravings he ever did. Despite their obvious appeal the Illustrated Classics series was not a success for […]

For a few days in the deepest darkest murk of the new year the Fenland town of Whittlesey becomes a baffling mixture of colour and sound in the guise of its Straw Bear festival. The festival is a somewhat modern revival of the ancient Fenland custom celebrating Plough Monday, (the first Monday after Epiphany), the centrepiece […]

Foggy Notion


It’s a perilous situation when one’s mental state replicates the weather.

Another batch of Ladybird books has arrived at Weir HQ and I don’t think I’ve ever added a finer selection to the number that I already own. Thanks to a colleague’s local auction house I am now the owner of a number of 1st edition Ladybirds resplendent in pristine matching dust jackets. Admittedly they’re some of […]

Plus Ca Change


I’ve decided against recapping on two thousand and twelve to any great extent because I don’t need any further excuses to gaze at my navel – however attractive that navel may be. I am working on something to collect the various ramblings from here over the last year into one place, however I’ll tell you more about that if […]