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Next The Sea


An early (and misty) start to the day in Cley*. Early in order to avoid the incoming heat and those seeking to embrace it. *Locally pronounced Cly, in the same way as Costessey is Cossy, Wymondham is Wind’m and Happisburgh Hayzbruh. No idea whether other counties have the same desire to confuse however it appears […]

I think it’s reasonable to assume that I was always going to enjoy an exhibition entitled The Wonderful World of the Ladbybird Book Artists, after all supporting evidence can be found here, here, here and here. That said I’m not without some critical faculties and having to drive across the country to Leicester (which I […]

Back To School


-/ the staircase at the end of the entrance-foyer to the assembly hall As I increase in age I fear I repeat myself more often than I used to, so apologies if I’m re-treading old ground. That said repetition isn’t always a bad thing. As I increase in age I fear I repeat myself more […]

If you’ve missed the first four volumes of Speechification then further context can be found elsewhere, specifically here (for Volume #1), here (for Volume #2), here (for Volume #3), and here (for Volume #4). To be honest I’m stretching the point a little with this one as it’s been instigated by the heartening news of a new […]

Earlier this year I attended Boring IX, a conference dedicated to the “celebration of the mundane, the ordinary, the obvious and the overlooked”. As ever the day was anything but boring, with my personal highlight being the talk from Joyce Smith. Joyce spoke about her love of box certificates, the circular stamps that contain essential shipping […]