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My dear departed grandmother lived her early life in the East “end” of London. One of the memories she recounted most regularly to us was of her sitting in Victoria Park reading the thickest densest books she could find because she was only allowed just the one book at a time from Bethnal Green Library. […]

Having alluded to my love of pylons previously I came across this wonderful ‘book’ from Theo Simpson, Transmission Towers – which was brought to my attention via the excellent people over at Preston Is My Paris. It’s only been produced as a numbered edition of fifty, but believe you me if you think it looks […]

Happy 75th birthday to Butlins. I have to admit to never having been although the lady of the house visited many years ago but hasn’t ever had much to say on the matter – which is a shame because from the postcard above it looks tremendous. There’s some great commemorative stuff over on their special website, although […]

Sometimes a whole host of things seem to connect – so forgive this abundance of links posing as a blogpost. The above photograph was taken whilst I wandered around the empty car parks surrounding the Metropole Hotel in Birmingham – I was there for a conference with work which wasn’t doing a great deal for […]