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Well it’s our last day in Benderloch so we pushed the the boat out and ventured approximately one hundred metres from our cottage and back onto the beach to take in the view and remarkably fresh air (which you’re kind of force fed regardless of whether you want it or not). It’s been a great […]

Life can be full of disappointment. We’re travelling home to Norfolk on Saturday, however on Sunday the World Stone Skimming Championship will be taking place on Easdale Island – just down the road from where we’re currently staying.  Heartbreaking stuff I’m sure you’ll agree.  We decided to visit Easdale anyway (before our appointment later in the […]

On the journey up here to Benderloch we had planned to stop off just outside Glasgow to obtain provisions before disappearing into unchartered territory. So after crossing what I assume was the Clyde we decided to continue through to Dumbarton. Unremarkable indeed – other than after crossing the bridge I noticed the above (unfortunately it […]

Another quiet day, with a walk across the beach to look for sea glass (very low success) and blackberries (very high success). Then back to our cottage to admire the former and consume the latter.

Well the weather broke in the night replacing the relentless rain with showers timed every three minutes or so – they say that you can have a week’s worth of weather in a single day out here on the West of the Scotland – ‘they’ are wrong it’s more like a fortnights. Anyway given the […]

Iron Man (day4)


Another quiet day inside, with the driving wind assisted rain outside somewhat deciding our plans for us. I say quiet – it’s currently just after 1am and I’m sat nervously in the front room of the house watching the windows shift around in the relentlessly buffeting wind and wondering whether they’ll still be there in […]

A whole day free of the internal combustion engine and one improved immeasurably by the arrival of an Irn Bru Ice Cream Float from the Cafe Ben Lora in Benderloch.

Starting the day in Carlisle we decided to investigate further before returning to life on the road. So I ended up at Tullies House Museum & Art Gallery (via the Cathedral and a quick recce of the Castle) to see the ‘Bathing Beauties – Re-imagining the Beach Hut for the 21st Century’exhibition, although to be […]

180909 I suppose that it’s only fitting that after starting Joe Moran’s “Roads” I should spend almost all day on a variety of England’s traversible routes including a fleeting glimpse of the lowest of the low – the A1101 just outside xyz  and it seems officially the lowest road in xyz and several hours later […]

Heading North


Well we’re off on our holidays so take care and see you soon.