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2015 is a year that I’m happy to wave goodbye to. At the start of the year I posted the following and then failed to take any notice of what I’d written. So for the sake of my mental health I’m returning to the plan albeit without being any more convinced that I’ll stick to it second time around. […]

Well it’s not one that I’ve been looking forward to with any great zeal since the death of my dad earlier in the year, but he loved Christmas so we’ve raised a glass to him and carried on regardless. Here’s a photograph from Christmas past, probably 1978/1979 (you’d never guess eh?) showing (from left to […]

As I get older I suffer more and more acutely as the days grow shorter. Thankfully today it seems we had more sunlight than yesterday – albeit (according to this) just an additional five seconds. That said five seconds is five seconds, so I’m going to celebrate the incoming light and look forward to a less gloomy […]

In attempt to embrace the season I’ve been trawling a popular video-sharing website to view a variety of Christmas specials from yesteryear and was particularly taken with these introductory titles from 1974.