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Don’t panic, we can all have one. I am very excited by this. Very. Excited. The Creative Review have previewed it further here. You’re excited too aren’t you ?

The wonderful thing about limitations is that it often accidentally drives creativity as shown in this wonderful piece in the Guardian about how the Northern Echo has been driven to replace photographs of Hartelpool United home games with Roy Of The Rovers style cartoons – after the Northern Echo were banned access from the club […]

Outrageously Gary McKinnon today lost his appeal to the European Court of Human Rights, which has refused to hear his appeal. Read more about his plight and what you can do to help here.

  Bought a bundle of Tate Magazine magazines from Charity Shop Inc. which included this great article by Peter Blake on an A-Z of ‘found’ letters.

Russell’s mention of Interesting NYC reminded me that I haven’t written up all my notes (which is unforgivable). And also introduced me to this wonderful piece of film that appears on the Interesting NYC homepage. Which led me to here and in turn to this. 

A few days away starting with a visit to White Horse Hill at Uffington. I’ve been before but forgot how acutely angled the horse is – we actually got a better view later that day thanks to the wonders of television and the work of Andrew Marr.   We then drove over to Avebury, as […]



We’re five days into the new season and as I’ve mentioned we’re already in the relegation zone (I know it’s early but it does still matter) and now we’re no longer in the Carling Cup. And I didn’t see anything of the Perseids meteor shower last night. But in better news I managed to pic […]

  The football season is now firmly with us and summer is rapidly heading towards autumn. Good news all round, albeit that we seem to have started our relegation battle a little too early . . . A dull dull dull day at work momentarily improved by today’s charity shop purchases – “The Ladybird Book […]

To Narborough Hall (it’s behind there somewhere) to see the John Piper exhibition that’s occurring there during August. It was Bridget Riley last year (or was it the year before) whose work I know a deal about so it was good to see an exhibition by someone who I wasn’t overly aware of. As I’ve […]

The demise of the pier at Weston Super Mare sent me to my limited John Hinde collection to see if I had one of Weston, I didn’t, however I do have these two of Bournemouth and Boscombe. I keep meaning to scan my collection so two down and hmm quite a few to go.