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I think it’s reasonable to assume that I was always going to enjoy an exhibition entitled The Wonderful World of the Ladbybird Book Artists, after all supporting evidence can be found here, here, here and here. That said I’m not without some critical faculties and having to drive across the country to Leicester (which I […]

People At Work


I have to admit that I was less than convinced when I originally became aware of Penguin’s plans to publish a number of titles spoofing Loughborough’s very own Ladybird Books, given that it’s an imprint very close to my heart. As it transpired my concern was misplaced as over the last few years Jason Hazeley and […]

As you’ll probably be aware if you’ve visited these environs before now, I’m a collector of Ladybird Books. In a previous post (from December 2013) about the first Ladybird Book I owned, I noted that since being presented with it (from the play-school I was leaving at the time, circa 1975) I’d “added to the collection” and at the last […]

In the days leading up to our recent trip to the “finest seaside resort in Western Europe” I stumbled across this piece over on the BBC’s website talking about an exhibition on the inordinately talented illustrator Charles Tunnicliffe. Usually when I come across news like this the exhibition in question tends to be happening in […]

Boring IV


So given that Boring was born as a response to the cancellation of the 2010 Interesting Conference it was good to see it relocate to the lovely Conway Hall, owned and operated by the Conway Hall Ethical Society. I think I must have missed last years event so it was great to be returning to this […]

The first Ladybird Book that ever came into my possession was ‘Going To School’. I received this book (I think) as a leaving gift from the play school I attended before entering the world of education proper at the age of five. Given the fact I have almost no memories before the age of about […]

Another batch of Ladybird books has arrived at Weir HQ and I don’t think I’ve ever added a finer selection to the number that I already own. Thanks to a colleague’s local auction house I am now the owner of a number of 1st edition Ladybirds resplendent in pristine matching dust jackets. Admittedly they’re some of […]