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After an afternoon of shifting boxes I spent the early evening listening to Mr David Miliband MP, who was in town to put forward his case in respect of the Labour party leadership election. He seemed a charismatic and entirely able young man (although thankfully not as young as me) and worked the room like […]

Say Cheese


I love taking photographs and I love the work of Martin Parr. Disappointingly I’m not terribly good but that doesn’t worry me to any great extent because the process of taking photographs is half the pleasure. That said it’s always good to get advice from someone who can and Martin’s short piece on “how to […]

Taking Stock


Can’t remember where I came across this so apologies to all. Anyways it’s a great music video from New York’s electronic music duo, Ratat, using only stock footage. Quite why you’d use any of this footage for anything other than a somewhat knowing music video for an electronic music duo from New York City though […]

I worked at my last place of employment for far too long. Far far too long. During my time there when those who did move onto pastures new reached their day of departure they often received a somewhat disappointing print of the square where the office was located. It always seemed a sad memento of […]

Evidence for the prosecution – tweet numbers one and five thousand, with seven hundred and fifty eight days between the two. Seems my desire to watch the clouds has not diminished.

Amber Gambler


I’m currently working on an amber alert, with a hope to achieve green by the end of the week – fingers crossed.

It’s been an odd week – aren’t the all eh ? But as ever there have been a number of things that have helped improve it no end. One of those being the arrival of Parasites, a short comic from, amongst others, Edward Ross, someone who I met through the #100 Days project earlier in […]