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Today would have been the 75th birthday of Mr John Robert Parker Ravenscroft, known to most as Mr John Peel. If you’ve visited here before you may have caught my ramblings about John in respect of my work with the wonderful Magoo and in particular my efforts to get their second single played on the […]

In the days leading up to our recent trip to the “finest seaside resort in Western Europe” I stumbled across this piece over on the BBC’s website talking about an exhibition on the inordinately talented illustrator Charles Tunnicliffe. Usually when I come across news like this the exhibition in question tends to be happening in […]

When the late great John Peel finally made an appearance in Who’s Who, one of his interests was noted as “staring out of the window”. For as long as I can remember I’ve shared this particular recreation and to be honest I’m always a little suspicious of those who don’t. So whilst investigating the work of photographer Brian David […]

Hometown Glory


One of Great Yarmouth’s finest exports recently pointed me in the direction of Here’s England, a book originally published in 1950 which is “aimed squarely at American travelers – it’s replete with history, architecture and practical travel information, but first and foremost it’s a book to be read for sheer enjoyment.” Having now tracked down […]

We Are Six


The blog must be getting old, as I’ve just missed celebrating digyourfins reaching the grand old age of six. You’d have imagined in the intervening years I could have learnt to use my time more wisely, perhaps learning backgammon or rudimentary Spanish, but no. So as I’ve got this far I may as well soldier […]