Foggy Notion


It’s a perilous situation when one’s mental state replicates the weather.

3 Responses to “Foggy Notion”

  1. Ah misty murky grey old January… It does sit on one’s head I find and MURK one’s mind. I say hot chocolate with chilli, a brisk walk, and beautiful old ladybird illustrations might help to mitigate against the fug. Take heart, you are not alone in finding the weather and the timbre if January deeply depressing.Your photo is beautiful in it’s sombre way and the green shoots in the garden tell me that soon there will be daffodils.

    • I’m glad i’m not alone ! And oddly as you say days like yesterday are beautiful in their own special way. I love the darker months in many respects but boy it does peculiar things to my ability to sing and dance. Anyways as you say the green shoots indicate that all is not lost ! Thanks for stopping by it’s always nice when people say hello . . .

      DW x

  2. Happy new year, I nominated YOU for a Liebster Award because I like your blog! Part of the award is for you to nominate eleven other bloggers with fewer than 200 followers, to answer eleven questions, and ask eleven more…
    See here for details.

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