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Given that today is (not) Black Friday, what better way to celebrate one of the most depressingly avaricious days of the year by purchasing a copy of Asbury & Asbury’s wonderful Perpetual Disappointments Diary, where every day is a Blue Monday.

I have an enormous amount to thank Anne Ward for. After all if it wasn’t for her (and it must be said, her Newspaper Club colleague Mr Russell Davies) I probably wouldn’t be writing here. That may seem largely insignificant (and yes I know what that sounds like but I’m not digging for compliments, or laying the blame elsewhere, I’m just […]

That was a week that was. So a Sunday morning spent reacquainting ourselves with the North sea.

Prior to Mackenzie Crook’s Detectorists going out on BBC4 the National Council for Metal Detecting (no me neither) came out fighting, with the Council’s general secretary, Trevor Austin, stating that “They approached us but we didn’t want to get involved in a comedy which would belittle detecting and make detectors look anorakish.” He went on, […]