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Picked up this lovely Picture Lotto from Galt Toys today from one of the town’s charity shops, see all the images here.

Brighton Rocks


I’m not entirely sure how a week has passed since we went away, but it has . . . Last Thursday saw us drive down to the RHS Gardens at Wisley, traversing almost exactly half of the M25 in the process. Wisley was, perhaps unsurprisingly, very pleasant although it was also, again perhaps unsurprisingly (given […]

A quick wander round the more expansive gardens of the locale as part of the Open Gardens weekend in the village.

A day of poetry. Five years ago a certain Mr Hovis Presley left the building. The winter’s cold The blanket’s hot The wind’s getting up But I’m not Now is the winter of my quite content. If Mr Presley’s name is not familiar to you then I’d suggest you purchase a copy of his wonderful […]

We Validate !


One of the many inspirations behind digyourfins is a certain Mr MJ Hibbett and in particular his track Tell Me Something You Do Like in which he espouses (is that what I mean ?) the art of accentuating the positive and in turn eliminating the negative. So it seems appropriate to recommend his latest album, […]

When the world doesn’t make sense I always return to Three Men In A Boat by Jerome K Jerome.