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Given my recent obsession with Lego my mind has been concentrating on things highly coloured and largely geometric of late so given that the finishing line has now been crossed in respect of the ‘One Hundred Days’ project I have the opportunity to blather on about some stuff that I really should have blathered about […]

Given that today is the start of British Tourism Week I think that it’s about time I introduced you to a British visitor attraction that should be featuring much more prominently on the official website, namely Bury St Edmund’s Pillar Of Salt. Having lived in the wilds of East Anglia for nearly all of my […]

Well it’s all over now. I spent last Wednesday aka day one hundred travelling down to London to visit (and exhibit in) ‘The Museum Of 100 Days’ and perhaps more importantly to meet a whole host of people I’d never met before, people who over the last one hundred days had been doing some amazing […]



One hundred days ago I noticed the tweet above from @mondoagogo. I had no idea what #100days was so I wandered over to the website and found out that : From 1 December 2009, Josie Long cordially invites you to pledge to do one thing every day for 100 days in a bid to generally […]

Counting down.

Well we’re almost there, only three more days after today. Today the sun was shining and I’ve managed to catch up (once again). So we have numbers #093 and #094 above and elsewhere numbers #091, #092, #095, #096 and #097.

Unfortunately due to having been incredibly busy and under the weather over the last couple of weeks I’ve been enormously tardy with regard to my ‘100 Days’ pledge – it’s not that I haven’t been keeping to my pledge it’s just that I haven’t had the chance to photograph what I’ve made – as I’ve […]