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Must make a bigger effort to post my creations more quickly than I am at the moment, six days behind is very poor indeed. Anyways the first three are mini-fig creations as above – moving from four wheels to two wheels to none wheels. The next two are a couple of robots which pay homage […]

July I’m sure other things happened in July than the Lovebox music festival in London – but that’s all I can really recall several months down the line. The driving force for our attendance was Mrs Weir because of the billing of a certain Duran Duran. We walked a disappointingly long distance from (and back […]

On the 30th December last year I wrote : “This period between Christmas and New Year always seems like a perfect time for recollection and preparation – so to work on the former I’m using my photographs on Flickr as a prop to recall what 2008 was all about. And if this seems a little […]



Well the same time constraints that occurred on the 24th strangely also occurred on the 25th – so rather than work on anything too complicated I decided to dust down this family set that I bought in a charity shop in town earlier this year. As far as I can tell (and the box that […]



Well who else today eh ? The second appearance for Mr S Claus and this time are much simpler affair due to time constraints. (I would like to confirm that the above was created by the careful construction of five different Lego pieces). Anyways Happy Christmas and all that nonsense to one and all – […]

My one hundred days to make me a better person project continues with an attempt yesterday at a Lego snowman – which went fairly badly wrong and looked, well a bit frightening actually. Will try again. In the mean here’s another truck built yesterday carrying almost the smallest car I could make, from today.

I’m always a little disappointed when my local town, King’s Lynn, is denigrated in some way – I wasn’t born there and strictly speaking I don’t live there but it’s home to me and as such I wish more people would write letters to the local paper about how delightful it is (the above rather […]

Have been a little lax in posting up my creations in the last few days (as you may have seen I’ve been obsessed with the icicles hanging around the house). Anyway here we have the last four days which includes the first use of mini-figs, a slightly wonky helicopter and two little ducks.

Thin Ice II


Well the building of a snowman maybe problematic given that leaving the house is looking increasingly dangerous !

Thin Ice


From snow to ice – the first time I’ve seen icicles in years. The snow (which still lies deep and crisp and even) however was disappointing – determined it seemed not to bond together in our attempts to build a snowman. Maybe tomorrow.