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So it seems the future of the King’s Lynn Art’s Centre is temporarily on hold to allow local councillors to get a better understanding of the situation, which begs the question why a decision was made without such understanding. That said given that the Council leader Mr Daubney considers an unused space below the Assembly […]

It doesn’t take much to make me cry – and I fear as I get older it gets easier. So you can imagine my response to this lovely, touching piece of writing from Warren Ellis.

Given that the football season has begun again I now find myself being occasionally abandoned for the day. Last Saturday was one such day, although luckily one where I was abandoned along with the use of a motor vehicle. So with that being the case I decided to break free of the confines of the […]



On the first day of this year The Independent newspaper allowed me to change my occupation to artist, then shortly after I was involved in my first exhibition down in London. So by this point in the year I had fully expected to be in the running for the Turner prize or at the very […]

I have today off work to sort out a few bits and pieces so thought I’d take the opportunity to wander down to the end of my street (actually a little further, but not much further) to catch a quick sight of the Tour Of Britain. And quick it was – as you can tell […]

“The arts allow us to look at ourselves, transport us, surprise us. They allow us to see something unique . . . something different from the latest Hollywood teen-vampire bollocks or reality TV.” This weekend saw the launch of the Save the Arts campaign, which sees a variety of British artists contributing work to help […]

I’ve missed the local papers over the last few weeks, which isn’t a wholly disappointing piece of news. However one of the stories I wasn’t aware of until today is the continuing cultural vandalism occurring thanks to the fine work of my local council.  It seems that according to the Eastern Daily Press, (the local […]