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“We don’t normally look at light. We’re generally looking at something light reveals.” For those of you who stop by here from time to time you’ll perhaps be aware that I’ve already documented my enjoyment of staring into space on more than one occasion – and as member of The Cloud Appreciation Society I’ve also expressed my love […]

Another evening at the tremendous Lee Valley VeloPark with Mr Weir snr. as a belated birthday celebration. Once again I took a large number of photographs, and once again I don’t think I have a single shot in focus. Still as taken with it as I was last time and to an extent that’s because […]

Bright Ideas


Being encouraged to think isn’t something that happens as much as it should do. So time spent at the Battle of Ideas this weekend, a two day event encouraging “free thinking and open-ended public discussion” at the Barbican, was a bit of a treat. In the America: the twilight years? session that I attended on Sunday morning […]