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A quiet day that began with a trip to the finest bookshop in England, Barter Books in Alnwick, and was followed by a walk on a snow covered beach at Druridge Bay. Not a bad way to spend a day eh ?

As I’ve already mentioned we’re away in Northumberland at the moment and as I wasn’t allowed to bring my Lego collection with me I planned ahead and bought a couple of the Creator sets which allow three creations (as it were) to be made from one small box. Normal service will of course resume once […]

The first full day in Northumberland and a short trip into Morpeth to see, amongst other things the grave of Emily Wilding Davison – which given the events likely to occur over the next few months seemed timely.



I can’t think why but when recently listing some of the aspects of King’s Lynn that delight me I completely forgot about the King’s Lynn Arts Centre. I’ve been a regular visitor for many years now so it’s omission was unforgivable, especially in a town with such few cultural highlights. A hugely important place with […]

For anyone of a certain age a visit to (or a least a view of others visiting) a Little Chef is synonymous with travelling across the UK – so given that we were today leaving the unnecessary comforts of the South to visit the, not as grim as maybe suggested, North we thought we’d drop […]



Unfortunately the photographic evidence of my efforts on the last day of ‘Love Week’ have been temporarily misplaced – so you’ll have to wait until I return home for my Barbara Cartland-esque effort. For the next week or so we’ve relocated to Northumberland so I may have to abandon slavishly following what Josie decides on […]

Continuing the ‘Love’ theme, albeit still a little vaguely, a pair of Love Birds.

Well the seven days from Friday have been designated ‘Love Week’ by Josie so I started with a heart and followed with, well another heart and then another and another – forgive me I will try and be a little more creative for the last three days of this ‘week’.

The reason that this post is here is all explained elsewhere. I was going to start this by blathering on about how much I love the city of Norwich as a preamble to my list of King’s Lynn’s delights – this was in some small part because of the assertion on it’s signage that it’s […]

Fail Better


Sage advice from Samuel Beckett via the wonderful School Of Life.