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From an interview with Mark Borkowski in The Word magazine.

I’ve loved Grayson Perry’s work for a while (although I haven’t seen much in the flesh other than a wonderful exhibition called ‘The Charms Of Lincolnshire’ which I saw (perhaps understandably) at The Collection in Lincoln) so when I was stuck at Lakeside last week I bought this to read given that (a) I’d almost […]

And then to Lakeside to pay homage to one of the great (ahem) and I think first reality TV programmes (and also to allow some of us to shop). We arrived a little later than intended and £3.00 poorer having mistakenly traversed the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge and then returned via the Dartford Tunnel which […]

I’d been looking forward to visiting to Southend-On-Sea, unfortunately it was a bit of a disappointment. To me it seemed a strangely disjointed town, not sure whether it’s a seaside location with a town attached or a town with a seaside location attached. I couldn’t decide which it was but when we parked up on […]

A few days away from home after another peculiar week (I fear that’s all we’re going to have in 2009 and I’ve yet to decide whether that’s a good or a bad thing). Originally intended as a visit to the RHS garden at Hyde Hall however subsequently combined with a visit to Southend-On-Sea (so as […]

Off on our travels tomorrow, not far and only for a few days, but travelling nevertheless we are – they tell me it broadens the mind which is good as currently the little grey cells need some exercise. I do tend to travel light (which makes one of us) however I do always need a […]

In Bloom II


Continuing the theme although more literally this time – a short and (hopefully photographically) sweet homage to one of my favourite flowers / plants (I never know about these things as I’m not a horticulturist or an etymologist), the Allium.

In Bloom


You probably can’t get a more quintessentially British day out than a visit to the Bressingham Steam Museum and Gardens. Well you can but only if you visit on the annual Dad’s Army Croft & Perry day that is – which is where I found myself last Sunday. So along with a ramshackle collection of […]

Well he was at Wells-next-the-Sea last night.