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I don’t remember there being a stand at my school’s careers evening explaining the advantages of working in the world of art dealing, which is a shame because I could have ended up living in a house like this. Which isn’t to say I’m not happy but boy this is a lovely lovely house – […]

I’m not one to dismiss somewhere easily but boy Wisbech doesn’t have many redeeming features does it ? Given that it’s brought us such historical luminaries as William Godwin, Thomas Clarkson, Octavia Hill and the Rev. W Awdrey it seems such a shame that it’s become so devoid of charm. That said there are at […]

Silver Linings


A Sunday afternoon spent in the quintessentially English pursuit of discussing the weather. We travelled to Tattershall Castle in the heart of Lincolnshire to attend a Cloud Appreciation Society event, where Ian Loxley (the Photo Gallery Editor for the Society) was to take ‘us on an informal tour of the afternoon sky’. Rather perversely (given […]

We’re off for a week so we decided to proceed the five days away from work with a whistle stop trip to the Big Apple.

Yesterday was a great day. My nephew has been playing football for Cambridge Utd for a few months now, having been ‘scouted’ at a local football tournament. He loves football, currently it’s his entire world. So yesterday was a highlight for him (and me) as he’d moved up to the top level for his age […]



We’re off work for a week, in a fortnight or so, and the first thing planned is a cloud spotting event on Sunday 16th August at the National Trust’s Tattershall Castle with Ian Loxley of the Cloud Appreciation Society. Ian Loxley is known for his many fine cloud based photographs including the legendary ‘Cumulopiggussextoleggus’. Lincolnshire […]