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Well they’ve done it, the evil empire has reduced my favourite local building to just so much rubble. I suppose it was only a matter of time before it happened. When I wrote about the joys of my home town back at the start of 2010 its future was looking bleak – and unfortunately that […]

I have an enormous amount to thank Anne Ward for. After all if it wasn’t for her, (and, it must be said, her Newspaper Club colleague Russell Davies), I probably wouldn’t be writing here. That may seem largely insignificant, (and yes I know what that sounds like but I’m not digging for compliments, or laying […]



I usually manage to set aside a few hundred resolutions at the start of each year however as someone brighter than me suggested earlier resolutions should come from “resolving to do things that come from celebration”, so this year I resolve to be more like Spider-Man and less like Paris Hilton.