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Trying to catch up and post the last few days efforts. Above is day #077 which pays homage to Carley who pledged to “do 100 sit ups”. Followed by #078 which is another loose tribute to several 100 Dayers who have pledged haikus of various kinds – this time a Lego based haiku homage ie […]

Well the week of plagiarism continues. To start with is an effort above paying homage to James Clayon’s pledge of ‘One Hundred Mythical Creatures in Haiku’. I bring you the Legoasauras : Post-box red and a yellow head with blank empty eyes, and wheels as well ! Actually more difficult than I thought because I’m […]

For those of you who have been following my Lego constructions you’ll hopefully be aware that the days are quickly adding up and it wont be long before ‘we’ reach one hundred days. And then what happens ? Well if you live in London town or fancy a day trip to the capital then why […]

Still can’t successfully take pictures of my Lego creations – seems to be an entirely random process, with occasional success in-between some dreadful efforts. The two flowers below for instance look like they were taken in some kind of dungeon – not a place you’ll often find many examples of exotic flora. And the horse […]

Trying to catch up with my 100 days pledge – still managing to stick with it just less successful in getting the results on line.

‘We Not Me’


Well a week off work and what if indeed . . . In the mean time yesterday saw another visit to another glamorous Northern location this time Sunderland – which was actually more appealing than I’d thought – some places just seem to feel right without any neccessary supporting evidence. The visit to Sunderland was […]

By The Sea


A couple of quiet days, (we are on holiday after all) ending with us dropping into Newbiggin by the Sea – which looked a fairly desperate place, (sorry Newbiggin), although was probably not improved by the low grey winter cloud. One small highlight though was this piece of public sculpture, Couple by Sean Henry (who […]

And here we have the second set of creations from the Creator sets I bought especially for our week away in the North. (To avoid confusion the picture above left is a tugboat – honest).

Vampire !


A day in Newcastle with a visit to the Laing Gallery to see the “No Such Thing As Society” exhibition (which was excellent and featured a number of Martin Parr photographs – which was particularly pleasing as I had missed his Parr World exhibition at the Baltic because of our delayed arrival) and “Parking Prohibited” […]

For those of you who have been paying attention the picture on the left is my day #038 effort towards my pledge to spend One Hundred Days To Make Me A Better Person. Now as I’ve already stated I’m not sure that I’m becoming necessarily a ‘Better Person’ however the community spirit of the project […]