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Normal Service


Again locked out of my WordPress account for a few days – I know that there’s nothing here of tremendous interest but it does seem a little harsh. Back tomorrow, access allowing.  



One of the joys of the modern world is that it’s alarmingly straightforward to access a huge variety of entertainment at the click of a button, this is exceptionally pleasing when you find what you want quickly and easily but by the same respect is incredibly frustrating when the thing you want to get a copy of is nowhere to be seen. […]



I do love the radio.  And Don’t Hang Up, “a BBC radio series about the possibilities of truly random encounters by ringing public phone boxes, and recording conversations with whoever picked up”, is a series of radio programmes that I love more than most. I think I was initially introduced to it by the people at Speechification, […]



“One swallow does not a summer make, nor one fine day; similarly one day or brief time of happiness does not make a person entirely happy.” Aristotle may have been right but today we spotted our first swallow of the year, and that’ll do me just fine. (The image above is a detail from the original […]

Normal Service


For some unknown reason I’ve been locked out of my WordPress account since entry number #018/100, no idea why but I’ve now managed to regain entry so normal service will return tomorrow.  



Despite the fact that I no longer need to ‘wake up, fall out of bed’ at quite such an early hour (as I’m now working from home) it’s a little frustrating that my internal alarm clock has yet to make the necessary adjustments. That said it did mean that I was up and about earlier […]



I’ve no idea who this song is by. From memory I think I took it from the band’s MySpace page, which shows how long it’s been knocking about on my hard drive for because it must be more than a decade since I investigated a band through the hideous hallways of Rupert Murdoch’s least profitable investment. […]



Some time ago I asked on twitter for some comic* recommendations after buying a copy of Tim Bird’s excellent The Great North Wood. Tim in turn responded to my request and was kind enough to suggest a number of new names (to me) including Jon McNaught whose latest book Kingdom I managed to buy almost immediately […]



A day in the garden, celebrating the sun.  – Another entry in my #001-#100 project, further explained on the first of the posts over here.



Having relocated my daytime workspace here at Weir HQ to the eastern wing, I now have a better view of the garden and it’s many very welcome visitors. My favourite of these are the goldfinches that stop off (with increasingly regularity) at the haphazardly filled bird-feeders we have dotted about – quite how such an […]