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Today sees me sat between numbers forty and forty two.

One of the joys of events like Boring is that it rumbles around your head for an age after and as it does so more and more stuff appears for further consideration and investigation. On the day Leila Johnston talked on the subject of the film About A Boy, on one hand about the fact […]

I missed Interesting earlier in the year because Mrs Weir and I were being alarmed by high sided verges in Devon, so I was inordinately pleased to be able to make it to Boring on Saturday. If you are unaware of the joys of Boring then let me refer you to the words of Mr […]

I managed to miss the recent Kenneth Grange exhibition at the Design Museum which was remiss of me. I blame the fact that the museum is South of the river and therefore less obviously available to me whenever I leave the confines of the county to visit our capital city. Thankfully there have been an abundance […]

  I’m sure none of us consider the transportation of the injured quite as much as we should do, particularly the transportation of the properly dressed injured. So here we have ‘the four-handed seat’, ‘the pick-a-back’, ‘the human crutch’ and ‘the two-handed seat’ from The Penguin Handbook of First Aid. Disappointingly no illustrations are forthcoming on […]

    There’s been a number of words written about the great Saul Bass over the last few months given largely to the publishing of the first, (really ?), book dedicated to his work, Saul Bass : A Life in Film & Design. So I was pleased to find this lovely example of his work […]

It seems to have been a long week. I blame my increasing inability to survive on post British Summer Time sunlight levels which is disappointing and I fear something I’m unlikely to alter on my own. So highlights have been few and far between, however a trip with work to London on Wednesday resulted in an unscheduled audience with the BBC Symphony […]