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Myth Or Legend


While Mrs Weir was elsewhere celebrating (somewhat) the beginning of the end of Le Professeur, Mrs Weir Snr. and I travelled the short distance required to see Damien Hirst at Houghton Hall. Although I wasn’t entirely convinced by what was on offer from the UK’s richest living artist (I’m sure he’ll struggle on regardless), there were some […]

If you’ve missed Speechification Vol.001 and Vol.002 then further context can be found elsewhere. I won’t repeat myself for a third time because that may alienate the few people who still pay an (intentional) occasional visit. So here are three pieces of radio (and one additional piece of music), two from BBC Radio 4 (albeit one […]

I’ve been re-watching the second series of Mum as Mrs Weir missed it when it was originally broadcast. If you’ve not stumbled across it then I’d thoroughly recommend seeking it out. And whoever’s responsible for the title sequence, that shows the situation of the comedy as the episodes work their way through the year, deserves […]

In recent years whenever Mrs Weir has enquired as to my preferred holiday destination I have usually offered up the Northamptonshire town of Corby as my first choice. Perhaps unsurprisingly she has failed to take me up on the suggestion. And to be entirely honest I’ve not always been disappointed by that. After all according […]