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At least you can forgive this one.

Taken By Trees


Unfortunately driving through Norfolk during an election campaign is not a terribly rewarding experience if you support anyone other than the Conservatives – it seems that every tree round our way supports Henry Bellingham. Which does mean that any efforts that I contribute to The Election Project – a photography project being run by the […]

0.127 Votes


We had our first election leaflet through the door yesterday, from the incumbent Conservative, who’s been the MP for the constituency I live in for a while now – so I was a little surprised with the line he’s leading with “Vote for change in North West Norfolk on 6th May”, because that’s surely a […]

Which makes a change from blue, eh ?

I look up at the skies an awful lot – those who know me well know I’m perhaps unnaturally interested in clouds. So the last few days have been strange thanks to happenings elsewhere. Normally congested skies are temporarily free of the contrails that appear even in the wilds of East Anglia and seemingly as […]

Oh to be either eh . . .

Because of a tweet from the estimable Mr Chris TT I’ve just watched this programme on Antony Gormley and his Blind Light exhibition at the The Hayward in London, you should too. I didn’t know it was available to watch and don’t recall seeing it before the exhibition – so thanks Chris. As a enormous […]

The Delian Mode


I managed to miss blogging on Ada Lovelace day for a variety of reasons, however I did have the best intentions and had planned (at least in my head) to write about Delia Derbyshire – a name I hope means something to you, if not it shortly will. Delia Derbyshire was born in England in […]



My maternal grandmother, who has lived on her own for many years now, is slowly reaching the point (because of her reduced mobility) where she’s going to have to relocate to somewhere new. As a result of this she’s beginning to divest herself of some of her belongings. Some are objects of little value and […]