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On the 11th August 2009 I blogged about the beginning of the football season and that after one game Norwich’s position was as below. Now forty four games later we find ourselves in . . . well exactly the same position, with one game to go and the ability to influence our future now out […]

Ones And Zeros


As ever with these things I’m not sure why Pixelh8 has passed me by up until now (especially as he’s a local boy done good) however he has and as such that’s a bad thing – that said this is no longer the case which is a good thing and given that I’ve now seen […]

Capital City


The first trip of the year, to London. We arrived mid morning on Saturday (after a somewhat circuitous route) and spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon ambling across central London to The British Museum, passing Charles Babbage in blue plaque form and Anthony Gormley in the flesh (rather than in bronze) and […]

I’m not sure whether you’ve seen any of these on your travels. As well as this one there’s also “You Have The Right Not To Remain Silent” and “Anything You Say May Be Taken Down And Used In Evidence”, they apparently have something to do with the Policing Pledge – be assured mind nothing’s really changing. […]