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Autumn Almanac


Well despite my protestations about the dying of the light there are many reasons to love autumn.

Show Me Magic


As I get older my ability to deal physically with the darker seasons diminishes, (depsite my inherent love of all things autumnal), and this year the incoming gloom seems to have embraced me even prior to the clocks returning to their post summer time positioning. So I’m deeply thankful to the number of people who have […]

  Another batch of Penguin books has been purchased over the last few weeks, again featuring some great advertisements showing a very distinct vintage. First up is a lovely one from the people at Horlicks in which the picture below sits above the following text (which I’ve reproduced because the page in question is showing […]

I’m mildy obsessed by John Wyndham’s ‘The Day of the Triffids’. I’m not entirely sure why. It’s possibly because I watched BBC TV’s early 80s adaptation of the story at a particularly impressionable age. An age at which I’d yet to develop an understanding of the absurd but one where I had soaked up the many and […]

  Today sees the start of The Big Draw, The Campaign for Drawing‘s month long festival aimed at getting people drawing. I always aim to get along to one of their events but have so far failed to do so – which is a shame because I could do with the practice.