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This is a tremendous book. Detailing the work produced by Sainsbury’s in-house packaging design team of the 60s and 70s, Own Brand, features a whole host of wonderfully simple, imaginative and colourful work which puts most modern design to shame. FUEL Design and Publishing, (who published this book, which seems to ‘authored’ by the esteemed Jonny […]

The latest issue of Coast magazine has alerted me to the fact that the people at the John Hinde Collection are now selling prints of certain digitally restored transparencies, (including the one above). Not sure what to think of them though because it seems wrong to take them out of their original context although given the […]



Time seems to rattle along at an increasingly alarming rate resulting in all sorts of great stuff being missed. So in an effort to catch up I need to refer you to the latest wonderful print from Theo Simpson which I’ve abused terribly above, sorry Theo. It’s a great print and now I just need […]

Seems the writing is on the wall for one of my favourite local buildings, namely the Campbell’s Tower. Since the closure of the factory in 2007 there have been a variety of efforts to protect the tower given it’s iconic status locally – in the flatlands of West Norfolk you can see it for miles […]

    You’ll be pleased to hear that the Weir HQ board game library continues to grow. Careers was produced by Waddingtons in the 1950s, (I think the version I now own was produced in the early / mid 1960s) and is described thus : “It’s a race to succeed. Each player goes after his […]

In Bruges


I have to admit that I’ve never given much thought to the federal state of Belgium before visiting last week – which on reflection was remiss of me. Consider to begin with the illustrious, (albeit much mocked), list of those born in the country – we have the greatest ever cyclist Eddie Merckx, the frighteningly glamorous Audrey […]

Today is, I think, National Poetry Day – and I do like a bit of poetry. Having heard him in fine form on Danny Baker’s show recently John Cooper Clarke seems to be a good start today with here a prescient, (for me), extract from one of his better known, (thanks to Mr Soprano et al), poems. […]