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Another superlative find in the charity shops. This time ‘Hors D’Oeuvre‘ a short book by June Dutton and Edith Vanocur a couple of Washington D.C. housewives who decided, according to the introduction of the book, to rebel against the “cut and dried canapes” which were apparently the scourge of the fare on offer at certain […]

    Saturday morning and many of you will be off to the shops. Not me I’m at home getting my head round the new decimal coinage with the latest acquisition to the Weir HQ board game library.

A collection of links really but links well worth looking into further. First up is this CD, The MMs Bar Recordings, available from the superlative Trunk Records. The MMs Bar Recordings were collected by artist Sandra Cross and are recordings, (suprising eh), of the announcements made regarding the buffet car on coach F of the Midland […]

I Am Invincible


  I’ve no idea who this track is by. I think I took it from the band’s MySpace page which shows how long it’s been knocking about on my hard drive because I haven’t investigated a band through the hideous hallways of Mr Murdoch’s least propitious investment for some time now. Anyone any ideas ? […]

    Spent the afternoon over at Holt Hall for the Lego event. Wasn’t really sure what to expect however given that the event has suspposedly raised around £10,000 for the East Anglian Air Ambulance it’s perhaps a bit harsh to criticise – nevertheless it was a little dissappointing, (I did get to sign a […]

    I’m a little late to the party on this however one hundred and fifty years is a significant number so I’m sure they’ll forgive me a few days. They, in this instance, are the mighty Met Office who published their first weather forecast in the Times on the 1st August 1862. More importantly the […]