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Train guy, one of the most joyful things on the internet.  – Another entry in my #001-#100 project, further explained on the first of the posts over here.



As mentioned yesterday I’ve been struggling to listen to music since the beginning of the happening. Thankfully there have been some exceptions to the rule. Principal among these is Ollust, an album by Broads and Milly Hirst which was released earlier this month on the independent Humm label. As a proud citizen of Norfolk any art produced […]



A quick one today, and another return to radio. Since the beginning of the happening I’ve struggled to listen to music (not entirely sure why – I think I need the reassuring sound of voices), however radio has filled the gap left admirably. One of radio programmes that has provided a greater deal of comfort […]



I’ve mentioned it before now but for those of you who don’t make a special effort to keep up to date with each and every post I publish (don’t worry I’ve got broad shoulders), I am a collector of Ladybird Books – one thousand seven hundred and thirty eight books and counting to be specific (plus a […]



I’ve been re-watching various bits of television over the last few days, bits of television that may end up being watched and re-watched over the next weeks in order to maintain my sanity (albeit testing Mrs Weir’s at the same time). One programme revisited so far is Don’t Forget the Driver, a comedy (somewhat*) written […]



I love a postcard.  And today this card arrived from a twitter friend, an enormously generous friend who improved my day no end with this small but hugely helpful act of kindness. One of the main things I’ve been reminded of as the happening has enveloped us is that while some people remain beyond the pale […]



Personally I’d always hoped that the corvids would take over the world, evidently the message got badly mangled in the system somewhere. The picture above comes (somewhat) from What To Look For In Spring – A Ladybird Nature Book written by E.L. Grant Watson and illustrated by the mighty C.F. Tunnicliffe, first published in 1961, […]



Well as it’s Mother’s Day it would seem churlish to feature anything but my mum. Here she is with my younger sister, me and her own mum and dad in (I think) the summer of 1976. I love her to bits and it’s been incredibly tough not being able to give her a hug on […]



Radio drama is a much maligned medium and to be honest sometimes justifiably so. However sometimes it’s a delight, and writer Katherine Jakeways is someone responsible for the some of the very best. I can’t remember stumbling across the first couple of episodes of her Where This Service Will series, but I can remember that since that […]



It would be wrong to suggest that a love of Ever Decreasing Circles is something I insist on whenever making new friends, that said it’s fair to say that it’s something that would speed up the process enormously.  So quite why it’s taken me so long to invest in a DVD copy of all three […]