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  – Lovely piece in the Times by Jeremy Austin about the arrival of Lucha Libre in the UK. If you don’t know Lucha Libre is a term used in Mexico (and other Spanish speaking areas) in respect of a certain type of wrestling, known perhaps most notably for the amazing masks. – A little […]

Beside The Sea


It’s not often I attend a World Championship so today is definitely a day worth noting as we (along with Sky Sports and a legion of others) attended the World Championship Snail Racing event in Congham, Norfolk. The sun shone, and then the heavens opened (which I’m blaming on March Brass, who insisted on playing […]

– Interview with the not often interviewed Bridget Riley, whose work I’m an enormous fan of. The ceo and I (and others) went to see this Riley exhibition in the beautiful surroundings of Narborough Hall last year on a fiercely hot day. If you get the chance and you’re in the area make sure you […]

Heart Of Glass


A wonderful exhibition at the King’s Lynn Art’s Centre, Hi Sklo Lo Sklo – From Masterpiece to Mass Produced Post War Czechoslovakian Glass from The Graham Cooley Collection. Remarkably one of three exhibitions in the town.

A hot cloudless day yesterday so I decided to hide away in the church next door, well I say church – actually the Chapel of St Nicholas (I don’t know what the difference is and having just googled it I’m still none the wiser). Anyways the Chapel was originally built in 1146 and is seemingly […]

– The Secret Life of the Motorway is being repeated once again on BBC Four and with justification because it’s just great – a three part documentary which plots the rise (and fall ?) of the motorway in the UK. The first two are particularly good with some beautiful footage of mostly empty roadways and […]

A quick lunchtime visit to the Lynn Museum in King’s Lynn (with a self confessed clog dancer as it goes) – principally to see “The Home of Seahenge” (which is what the museum has been re-badged as – I think inadvisably). The Seahenge aspect is obviously the lead exhibit at the museum and to be […]