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Currently, amongst other things, I’m reading ‘The Olivetti Chronicles – Three Decades Of Life And Music’ – it’s a collection of John Peel’s various writings and it’s great. It’s easy to forget that as well as a broadcaster virtually without peers he was a writer of talent too – particularly when writing about music. In […]

Tea For Two


A lazy Sunday spent wandering along the back roads of Norfolk finished at The Blakeney Hotel where afternoon tea was taken and newspapers were read.

Forgot to mention our trip to our friend’s, Phil Barrington, photography exhibition last week. I don’t suppose many of you (if there are in fact any of you out there) will have the chance to visit the exhibition in person at The Greyfriars Art Space in King’s Lynn – however you will be ableb  to […]

Wee Minatures


As well as my new Playmobil set I’ve also purchased a set of wonderful postcards of Sheffield by Jonathan Wilkinson – Wee Minatures (Gordon Brown would no doubt be proud to of my attempts to break the financial downturn single handedly). I’ve always been a fan of tilt-shift photography and saw these, which also pay homage to […]