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            So ta ra to 2011, hopefully 2012 won’t be quite so difficult to take to. Here’s a quick overview of my year via the visually appealing world of Instagram : 1 – The start of the year, where good fortune was in short supply despite the arrival of a lucky cat. 2 – My […]



    More charity shop winnings, this time Superpuzzle from Spear’s Games which contains sixty intriguing problems – should keep me busy over the next few days.

As a result of the event that will shortly be with us I’ve made a number of purchases from the rather wonderful Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, (who were introduced to me earlier in the year at The Story). Said purchases arrived this week although as I was at work they were delivered to our neighbours […]

Blue Book #3


    One of the burdens of no longer being a child, (yes yes I know), is that there are so many wonderfully illustrated books especially for children – that adults are so deprived in this area is a constant disappointment. The latest addition to the Weir collection, ‘Through the Rainbow – Blue Book 3’, is […]

For any of you who’ve investigated the various destinations over on the right – you may or may not have visited my What’s For Tea Mother ? tumblr where I occasionally post examples from a set of recipe cards that I picked up at a local charity shop – they’re well worth a look although if […]

Well the weather hasn’t been any better than it was yesterday – in fact it’s been worse, however we did manage to nip out before the elements really set in for the day. The forecast is for snow in the morning so it maybe that the “What I Did On My Holiday” reports may continue for […]

Today was spent mainly in front of this because the weather outside was frightful, but the fire is so delightful.

A day away from the snow obviously meant an introduction to the first snowman of the year, albeit a twenty foot fibreglass example. Nottingham was our destination today to allow Mrs Weir to reacquaint herself with a quintet of tone deaf gentleman from the West Midlands. The visit also gave me the opportunity to commit an offence […]

Given that we may very well have “gone on holiday by mistake” we’re going to leave the safety of our temporary accommodation, (we’re temporary to it rather than it to us), in search of “cake and fine wine”. If we’re not back by sunset please go on without us – on the proviso of course that […]

On the 19th June I wrote, “Awake at 5.45am to find the wind howling and the rain hammering down – yesterday morning we left an officially designated drought zone. I never know whether to be impressed or concerned when the weather resorts to sarcasm.” Six months later East Anglia still seems to be devoid of […]