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Really pleased to have picked up this postcard on my recent travels. “I’m having a lovely holiday, but the time is just flying by. The exhibition is really wonderful but it is very tiring walking around with all the crowds. The weather hasn’t been too good but seems to be settling again today. Hope you […]

“The cloud base is low on the Clwydian Hills”* The weather returned to where we’d started with it last week so a day continuing to pay homage to Mr Alfred Butts was in order whilst we watched the weather ebb and flow around us. Tomorrow we trade in the West for East once again and […]

A brief return to England and the city of Chester, although to be honest neither of us were in the mood for Russ Abbott’s place of birth despite the best efforts of the weather to nudge itself further towards the category marked ‘summer’ – on the years longest day.

As both Mrs Weir and I had arrived in Wales harbouring summer colds we were keen to avoid too much time dedicated to the tarmacadam so we decided to visit Llangollen on others recommendation and because it was only a short, albeit alarming, drive away. My guide which to be frank was being wildly upbeat […]

My North Wales Holiday Guide tells me that : “Sunny Rhyl claims to be one of the most attractive pleasure towns of Wales, not only because it seems highly favoured in the matter of sunny hours, but also because the whole atmosphere of the resort is one of sunny cheerfulness.” Unfortunately Rhyl has not weathered […]

    Sunshine was forecast for later in the day so a return to the seaside was in order. Arriving in Prestatyn via Britain’s newest and smallest city, St Asapha, Mrs Weir confessed to having temporarlily resided in said town with a previous paramour unbeknownst to me, the residence rather than the paramour. She was unable to […]

A quick trip to Ruthin, which Simon Jenkins described as “the most charming small town in Wales, a match for England’s Rye, Broadway or Lavenham” – can’t say I was quite as taken with the town as Mr Jenkins, although perhaps once I’ve visited every other small town the Welsh have to offer I’ll be […]

Exchanging East for West we’ve decamped to North Wales. I’m hoping to use this holiday guide produced by the North Wales Resorts Association, albeit some time ago – particularly given they have “complete confidence in the knowledge that North Wales has all that is neccessary to give you a happy holiday”.    

I fear that on long car journeys I drive Mrs Weir to distraction, I think it’s a combination of claustrophobia and attention deficit disorder, mine not hers. So for the good of the lady of the house I recently purchased a copy ‘Are We There Yet ? Great Car Games to Keep Families Sane!’ by Jo Pink. […]