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75 today.

I’m slightly obsessed with this frame from Kick-Ass although having watched the documentary on BASE jumping on Channel 4 last night I think my particular brand of superhero will have to be a low altitude one.

The above rather fine piece of design from Gareth Wild and Michelle Thompson aka (and found via, somewhere else worth visiting) has reminded me that I haven’t updated my Welcome To Norfolk project for ages. Will try and amend that sooner rather than later.

I don’t know when football stickers were first introduced to the world however they were first introduced to my world in 1981. I can’t recollect what the title of the sticker collection was, back in those days we still had the First Division proper, however I can recollect that the last sticker I needed to […]

We Are Two


I managed to miss the first anniversary of this blog – so forgive me for celebrating the second year. As it’s still enjoyable to do, and helps me stave off the inevitable fading of memory, I’m staying put.



Day #09 Obviously I’ll regret saying this tomorrow when I return to work however after many hours on the road it’s nice to be home.

Day #08 Given the amount of driving planned for tomorrow we kept our travels to a minimum today with a short drive North to Beaulieu House & Gardens which were just as lovely as the sunshine was surprising. The attached car museum was also surprising, however unlike the Beaulieu Motor Museum in England which has […]

Day #07 A day forecast clear of rain saw us return to Dublin – and after getting embroiled momentarily behind the scenes at the Fruit & Vegetable Market we parked up and found our way into town. As we were still new to the Republic of Ireland’s capital city and unlikely to return in the […]

Day #06 Out and about today to Newgrange, a prehistoric monument located only a few miles from where we’re staying. Had we done a bit more research on the area we’d have found out that Newgrange is actually part of the Brú na Bóinne UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is a bit odd because they don’t […]

Day #05 Due to circumstances beyond our control a day without much incident. And I can confirm that this had nothing to do with the pictures from the previous day.