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As ever with time away from home it’s been just over seven days since we were in Northumberland and it already feels like it was weeks ago. So rather than blather on as ever about our time in the most Northern county of England, because it’s unlikely I could do it much justice, I’ll just […]


I think it was Mr Charlie Watts of The Rolling Stones who on the band’s 25th anniversary summed up their career as having been “five years of playing and twenty years of waiting around”. Were he a fan of cycling road races I think he would have considered his time in the Stones well spent because the ratio for […]

Regular readers, (yes I know), will have noticed my recent interest in Mr W S Hersey. Interest that saw me return to the charity shop I originally bought the other papers in to investigate further – and I’m pleased to say I found a little more. Hidden between some books where I’d located the other […]

I don’t buy nearly enough music nowadays – partly because the only record shop in my local town is the painfully soulless HMV, and partly because digital ‘ownership’ seems to largely negate the need for physical ownership. So it’s great to find that there are people out there producing some beautifully put together together records which are […]