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Bad Review


There may of course be nothing better in life than writing on the sole of your slipper with a biro (on a Saturday instead of going to the pub), however Wednesday nights aren’t as straightforward so we went out instead – and given that we were in travelling distance of Norwich and well over 14 […]

Since being introduced to Max Tundra at the recent Hot Chip gig in Cambridge I’ve become moderately obsessed with him. When I mentioned him earlier in the week I described his music as “a baffling (in a good way) set of multi-instrument electronica” which I think will do just fine as an initial introduction, and […]

I’m not a technical boy at all, well technically I am but I think you know where I am on this. Anyways for some unknown reason when I’ve uploaded pictures onto here they appear slightly pixelated (despite the size I upload them in). However I’ve just noticed that if I use Google Chrome the pictures […]

Still Trying


Nice piece in the The Times about the this, War Posters: Weapons of Mass Communication, and featuring the increasingly well known “Keep Calm And Carry On”. I got mine a few years ago from the mighty Barter Books (although it seems to be available from various places now) and it sits above the stairs, so […]

Fingers Crossed


A long awaited trip to see the mighty mighty Hot Chip at the Cambridge Corn Exchange. I was  expecting great things having seen them last year and thankfully I was disappointed. The evening started off with a set from Max Tundra who divided the early arrivers with his baffling (in a good way) set of […]