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Fit For A King


My mother is a fine provider of gifts (amongst other things) and yesterday she excelled herself with a new addition to my Ladybird collection, namely the no explanation needed Packed Lunches – from series 824. Now a love for Ladybird books is a unremarkable thing however this is an edition that you need to have […]

To be honest I’ve never been much of fan of music festivals, I admit that in the main it’s because I agree with a certain Mr Sartre in so much that “Hell is other people”, particularly crowds of people. In fact the last time I attended a music festival was Reading in 1991 (alarmingly eighteen […]

There are two music festivals occurring this weekend (actually there maybe more however we’ll say two for the sake of argument) namely Lovebox and Latitude. Latitude has Thom Yorke, Nick Cave, The Pet Shop Boys, Magazine, The XX, Saint Etienne, Mark Thomas, Dave Gorman, Simon Armitage, Josie Long, Jon Ronson, Luke Haines and many many […]



If you’re interested I have a new blog over at – as it happens if you’re not interested it’ll still be there.

A short visit to Mrs Weir’s sister’s allotment to help with the harvest.

It’s late and I’ve just got back from seeing Rory McVicar play deep inside The Forum in Norwich. How I’ve managed to leave it this long before seeing him live is a question I shall be asking myself a great deal in the next few weeks because now that I have I shall move heaven […]

Stone Me *


Fifteen minutes in the small Norfolk market town of Swaffham whilst the lady of the house visited her dental practitioner. In the horrible sickly heat of the afternoon I decided to sit down and watch the world go about it’s business (although to be honest much of the world was absent from the town and […]