Plus Ca Change


I’ve decided against recapping on two thousand and twelve to any great extent because I don’t need any further excuses to gaze at my navel – however attractive that navel may be. I am working on something to collect the various ramblings from here over the last year into one place, however I’ll tell you more about that if I actually get around to doing it.

Oh, and a happy new year.

2 Responses to “Plus Ca Change”

  1. Ha, to navel gazing. It’s a shame opticians haven’t developed some special eye lotion or corrective measure to stop it afflicting some of us 🙂 I shall speak to the manager of Vision Express next time I am in.

    Happy New Year to you

    P.S Fancy writing a short children’s tale about the subject of equilibrium involving twins, a see-saw and an apple tree? No other reason than for the sheer fun of it.

  2. Ha good plan – and with regard to your unusual postscript mail me at anything for the “sheer fun of it” should be investigated further.

    DW x

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