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More books for you. The first is ‘Mapping The Roads’, a handsome book from Mike Parker on, perhaps unsurprisingly, the history of the mapping of Britain’s roads – which as a man moderately obsessed with the world of cartography was always going to be of interest to me. It’s a hugely thorough and beautifully illustrated […]

The coastal fringes of Norfolk aren’t where you’d perhaps expect to find the “world’s very first new brutalist building” designed by “two of the most controversial figures in modern British architecture, Peter and Alison Smithson”, however despite your expectations that’s what you would find. Hunstanton Secretary Modern as it was originally named (somewhat coincidentally it’s […]

Island Life


The second overseas trip this year. The first was an afternoon spent on Inner Farne in May which I’m reliably informed sits at 1 to 4 miles off the mainland, so given the success of the first excursion we decided to extend our range a little and spent a whole week on the Isle of Wight, […]

It’s been many years since I’ve bought any records that I thought I should buy in favour of those that I actually want to, and the latest LP to join the limited, but select, collection at Weir HQ is no exception to that. These Are The Good Times is a new album produced by the fine people […]

Much as I love the game of football I have to admit to being a fair weather supporter. However one aspect of the game I love more than any other is the ceremony involved in the reading of the classified football results each Saturday afternoon. So it was sad to hear earlier this year the […]