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I’ve written about the mighty Magoo here at digyourfins many times before, although as an aside have never mentioned that the title of this very blog comes from an early unrecorded demo penned by Norfolk’s favourite sonic scientists, (at least I’m pretty sure it does – my memory serves me less and less well as […]

In a couple of weeks time Mrs Weir and I will be travelling down to London to a sporting event which I’m probably not allowed to name. I’m looking forward to it but to be frank if I wasn’t already attending with the aforementioned Mrs W, (who’s tremendously fine company), I would have probably bailed […]

98 / 100


“Ninety-eight buildings out of every hundred built in this country are built with Brick. Some have a concrete skin or other thin facing, but the vast majority rely for their appearance solely upon the decorative effect of their brickwork. For brickwork needs no protection against the elements. In fact, its ability to resist the penetration […]

A while ago, (see above), I got the chance to see some great photographs by Sam Mellish over at the Babylon Gallery in Ely which celebrated “observations of traditional roadside services throughout East Anglia”. I really enjoyed the exhibition so am glad to have stumbled across news that he’s back at the Babylon Gallery from today […]